Building Inspections – Pitfalls to Avoid When Doing Home Inspections

Pitfalls to Avoid When Doing Home Inspections

We all know the importance of property inspections. Although it is not a must to have a building inspection when buying a house or building, the benefits are great, and experts always recommend them though not a legal requirement. These inspection benefits both property buyers and sellers, and so it is an area of concern. However, like any other industry, inspections do not go without problems. It’s the reason why this article will look at some pitfalls to avoid when doing a home inspection.

DIY Inspections

Many people are used to DIY project, and so they believe they can handle building inspections. The truth is that building inspection is a professional job that requires training and skills. Besides, what can you see with your untrained eyes? You can only detect physical problems which need no skills or training.

But since building inspections are more than what you can see physically, you need to consider professional building inspections. These experts have the training and many years of experience which means that they can look at what you cannot and will write a professional report that will help you make the right decisions when selling or buying a property.

Wrong Referrals

When doing a building inspection, you will be in a hurry to find an inspector to complete the process as fast as possible. It is more so for the buyers who are existed to be homeowners. As a result, you will end up getting the wrong referrals. For instance, if you use a referral from the property seller or any experts, for example, a real estate agent associated with the seller, you can be sure that the building inspector will doctor the report in favour of the seller.

This way, the property will sell fast, and they will get their share. Although this is unprofessional, it is happening, and so you need to avoid such referrals. If you cannot get an inspector on your own, you should only rely on referrals from your independent real estate agent, your conveyancer, family and friends. Wrong referrals will cost you.

Overlooking Pest Inspection

When it comes to building inspection, many buyers and sellers will only hire a building inspector and overlook pest inspections. Pest inspections are as necessary as the building inspections. Since it is hard to tell if there are pests in the building or house, it is essential to be sure by hiring pest inspection services. This way, you will be sure of the condition of the building as far as pest infestation is concerned.

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