Top Yard Design Ideas for 2019

Top Yard Design Ideas for 2019

The yard is a part of your property that can well be the centre of attraction if you design it appropriately. There are many design ideas you can find online, but only a few made it to the experts’ table. These faithful few can bring out the unique and highly functional side of your garden area.

Mini Playground

pergolas adelaideIf you have kids in the family and your yard has a lot of space for playground paraphernalia, you can add a small swing or slide. You can also have a contractor build a little playhouse for your children – a feat that NBA star Stephen Curry conquered for his kids.

Big Trees

In many movies, a giant tree and old tree is featured in garden areas. It’s not just for tying up an excellent, long swing, but a big tree can also be used as a picnic spot for friends and family. Probably the perfect option if you’re looking for a tree that can cover a large area is the White Cedar. You can also opt for the Silky Oak or the Sydney Red Gum if you want a taller choice.


Pergolas are very popular in Australia because they offer the option of placing tables and chairs for lazy afternoons and weekend stay-cations. You can ask your pergolas Adelaide contractor to add vines or crawling leaves for a more aesthetic feel.

If your yard space is bigger than average, you can create a plan with your pergolas Adelaide expert for a more customised look. A pergola can be adorned with various décors such as flowers, photographs, art pieces, and more.

Patterned Stone Walkways

If you want to add more nature-inclined designs to your yard, you can ask a contractor to develop a customised, patterned rock design that will blend well with the aesthetics of your exteriors. You can also have a small pond or outdoor aquarium added for a more picturesque effect.

Waterfall Wall

Some residential areas feature waterfall accent walls in the garden area because they add a “fresh” touch to flat areas. You have various options to choose from for the material of your waterfall wall, including glass, polished cement, tiles, or even wood.

Gardens of Babylon

This olden time exterior design is perfect for houses built with ancient history in mind. You can ask your landscaping expert to create ladder-style plant sections in your garden for a feel that’s very similar to the classical hanging gardens of Babylon.

The mentioned yard ideas are highly recommended for homeowners who want to have a more eye-catching and comfortable garden area. Whether you’re hosting an outdoor party, or you love having friends and loved ones over during the weekends, you can rest assured that your guests will appreciate the beauty and peace your garden provides each time they visit.

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