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Finding a Good Dentist for Your Child

Most people hate to go to the dentist, yet good dental care is important for our over-all health. For many people their fear or dislike of dental procedures stems from their childhood when the school dentist did his rounds. Many times he had to provide his own power by using a foot-operated generator. He had little equipment and even less patience. Crying kids that were petrified with fear were slapped and told to behave themselves.

These days, parents can find a dentist for their children who will work with them to ensure a relatively pain-free first visit so that children will learn to like and trust their dentist, even if they don’t go much on the procedures he must perform.

When looking for a child-friendly dentist, a visit to his workplace will often tell you what sort of dentist works there. Are the staff friendly and pleasant, paying particular attention to the child’s well being? There should be child friendly pictures on the wall and small chairs, tables and books for those who have to wait.

The dentist should suggest a pre-procedure visit for the child to get acquainted with dental procedures. This may include a brief oral examination, depending on the age of the child. Smaller children can simply sit in the chair and get used to the feel of leaning back and opening their mouth. Looking for a dentist in Camberwell, have a look through the dentists listed to find a new one.

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