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What about smash repairs?

If you are in the unfortunate position of needing smash repairs for your vehicle, be sure to get several quotes before you choose a repairer. The written quote should include a full description of all work that needs to be done and the estimated cost. The quote should also be signed.

But there are other factors to consider other than price. You may need someone who can pick up your smashed vehicle and deliver it back to you when finished. If this service is offered for free, so much the better. You might need a smash repairer with a towing service. A 24-hour service will get your car off the road in no time.

Some smash repairers also offer a courtesy rental car that you can use while yours is being fixed. This service is sure to be of use to many people, saving you lots in terms of cost and frustration. So why not simply go with the repairers that your insurance company chooses? You have a legal right to choose your own repair company. And in many cases the chosen repairer works with the insurance company to keep their costs low. This means that you may get shoddy work done on your car. Shoddy work is often unsafe work, so be safe and choose your own repairer.

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