The 5 Fundamental Kitchen Layouts You Should Know

Kitchen Designs Adelaide 101 – The 5 Fundamental Kitchen Layouts You Should Know

It may not have crossed your mind just yet, or may not be on the top of your priority list, but a good kitchen layout can make a whole lot of difference in terms of convenience and experience when inside your kitchen. The ideal kitchen designs will make sure that you will get the perfect kitchen for your home. Here are five basic layouts that you should consider:

L-Shaped Kitchen

When you go for an L-shaped kitchen layout, you’ll create a natural work triangle from continuous counter space, including two work stations on two adjacent walls. The main benefit of this type of kitchen design is that it provides you with an efficient work area. Working in a triangular setup is better than a square or any other shape for that matter. It also opens to a nearby room, which makes it early for you to interact with guests or even talk to your family while preparing the food.

U-Shaped Kitchen

Considered as the most versatile layout among kitchen designs, the U-shaped kitchen is perfect for both large and small. The reason is that the arrangement offers ample storage and continuous countertops, which surrounds you on three sides. For larger kitchens, the U-shaped design is spacious enough to be divided into multiple workstations. That makes it perfect for cooking workshops or even cooking contests. It helps chefs easily prepare their respective meals without getting into each other’s way.

G-Shaped Kitchen

Now let’s get a little bit more sophisticated with the G-shaped kitchen layout. This kitchen design is an extended version of the U-shaped layout, all with the same amount of storage options and counter space that surrounds you on three sides. However, the main difference that most people notice about the G-shaped layout is that it features a “peninsula” or portion of additional cabinets and storage space.

Single-Wall/Straight Kitchen

From sophisticated, we go for something simpler. The single-wall kitchen layout is ideal for smaller or average-sized homes. Instead of a work triangle, this particular kitchen design is more of a work line with three kitchen zones going along a single wall. While it may be simple, it still gets the job done and can also provide ample amounts of storage space.

Corridor or Galley Kitchen

Finally, we have a corridor or galley. This type of kitchen design has a workspace that’s large enough for one person. The Corridor kitchen layout features work stations facing each other on parallel walls, creating a small yet efficient work triangle.

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