The Things You Ought to Factor in Buying a New Photocopier

A vital piece of equipment for most small type businesses is a photocopier. This specific machine not only allows you to copy originals for files but it also efficient in producing a mass number of marketing materials and creates employee documents in large quantities. Thus, to ensure you strike a balance between the amount you spend and the features you get in the copier to have high-quality photocopies Ballarat – sctechnologygroup, your specific copying needs should be your primary guide in the purchasing process.

  1. Budget

One of the leading guiding factors when purchasing quality copier is your budget. The cost of the actual machine provides you with a baseline for comparison among all the different types of copiers available in the market world. Also, it is imperative that you check the cost of the toner and the number of copies it can produce before you need to replace it. Another issue that may affect the budget is the cost of maintenance and repairs. Inevitably, you will end up with more problems that require repairs if you happen to purchase a complicated copier with many functions. And each time you have it repaired, you will need to pay for both labour and parts which sometimes are costly. Not only that, but you will also need to spend more time and money to train your employees on how to use the various functions that the unit features. That’s why most of the time, many business owners opt to rent a copier most notably if the rental amount includes maintenance and repairs because undeniably, it is cost-effective.

  1. Energy Efficiency

You, without a doubt,  will save a lot of money on utility bills while helping minimise the damage to the environment that comes with high energy consumption if you choose a copy machine with the ENERGY STAR® label. By using this energy efficient machine, you can avoid an increase in office temperature during frequent use, plus it will remain cool while it works.

  1. Print Volume

You can quickly determine both the size and functions you need in a copy machine if you know beforehand the number of sheets you copy regularly. You will surely find the copier that can handle the volume without frequent toner changes if you estimated your average monthly pages beforehand. If you happen to sign a service agreement at the time of the purchase, you may receive a limited number of pages printed on the copier each month, which is not ideal. To adequately estimate your volume, if you already own a copier, record the number of pages printed each week using the copy machine’s meter.

  1. Other Functions

Another way to help you narrow down your options is by finding out the uses of the device. For a small business, a multifunction printer may be an option as the machine can handle several works aside from making photocopies Ballarat – sctechnologygroup. Printing, scanning and faxing from one unit are the other services it can offer. No doubt, if you opt for a multifunctional printer, you can save both spaces in the office and money compared to individual ones.