Why You Should Always Use Net Wrap for Bale Wrapping

Livestock farming relies heavily on the success of their fodder preservation. Success in this industry means ensuring that your animals have all the food they need to grow and be healthy. That’s why your food preservation method needs to be effective, which also includes the materials you use for storing hay. Fortunately, farmers have the luxury of using net wraps and other methods for baling silage to allow storage and preservation of bales for more extended periods, with minimum risks of spoilage.


The modern method of bale wrapping is expected to increase and become more efficient in your production, with net wraps being the main twine variant for storing and preserving bales. A net wrap presents a variety of benefits for storing bales. Here are some of the benefits of using net wraps:


1.) Maximum durability

A net wrap is ideal for baling silage due to its extreme strength. It can withstand the harsh environments and exposure to different weather conditions. That means your bales will be stored to perfection, locking in its freshness and nutritious factors. Using a net wrap ensures minimum spoilage, ensuring high baling success rate.


2.) Added Protection

There’s a reason why most farmers are turning to net wraps for their baling. Apart from its durability, it also protects your silage from external forces like sunlight and rainwater – two of the biggest enemies of bale wrapping. With a net wrap, sunlight or rainwater will not be able to penetrate through your silage. This feature ensures that your silage will be fresh throughout the storage process and guarantee that you will have enough silage to produce into animal feed.


3.) Better Wrapping Than Other Methods

Simply put, a net wrap would make your bales look better than any other method. If you have an influx of feeds, you can use your net wrap to make well-rounded bales either for storage of selling your silages directly to the market. That means you can make money out of your bale storing even before it turns into fodder for feed.



Choose Net Wraps Now!

A net wrap is nothing short of useful and relevant in today’s bale wrapping. It has the features ideal for storing and preserving silage. Its qualities guarantees minimal losses on your baling and ensures success in agriculture, animal feed production, and every other industry for that matter. Stop using the traditional baling twine and make the switch to the advanced and more effective net wrap. Buy one today.