Simple Grass Cutting Adelaide Tips & Tricks for a Healthier Lawn

Grass cutting may look simple to most homeowners – especially the ones who own a lawnmower. All they have to do is turn their mower on, let it pass the entire lawn and voila! You’re all done. However, if you want a healthy lawn that will last a lifetime, you should know that there’s more to grass cutting Adelaide than just simply cutting grass. It requires precision, timing, awareness, and a tad bit of knowledge. With that said, here are three simple tips and tricks on grass cutting that will give you a healthier and longer-lasting lawn.



Don’t Cut Your Grass Too Short!

A common misconception with grass cutting is “the lower, the better.” “All I have to do is to cut my grass so low that I won’t have to cut it for months!” That seems all too well. Since your grass is going to die out in the process, you won’t have any lawn to mow in the future. Wait, did we just said your grass is going to die? We sure did. You see, when you cut your grass too thin, it will expose the soil, which will dry out during the heat of the sun. In turn, it won’t have enough moisture to support your grass – eventually resulting in their demise. It’s called scalping, and you shouldn’t do it if you want your lawn to live longer.


Sharpen Your Mowing Blade Before Cutting Grass

There’s a massive difference between torn grass and cleanly cut grass. When it comes to grass cutting Adelaide, you’ll always want the latter. Torn grass is the result of using a dull blade. These tears will create jagged and uneven edges, as well as openings for pests and diseases to enter and wreak havoc on your lawn. You wouldn’t want to deal with yet another problem. So do yourself and your lawn a favour by sharpening your blades before doing the actual mowing. A sharp blade will cut glass cleanly, creating a smooth and even finish.


Mow Your Lawn When Grass Is Dry

Never – EVER – mow your lawn when it’s wet. While it doesn’t do any harm to your grass, it doesn’t yield the best results. Wet grass can also clog your mower deck damaging your mower in the process. It can also fall over and clump together, creating an uneven cut. With dry grass, the process is smoother as there will be no moisture that will allow grass to stick which makes the entire process a nightmare. While we’re on the topic, never mow your lawn on a rainy day. If for some out-of-this-world reason, you decide to mow while it’s raining, you’re not only going to get bad results, but your mower is going to suffer damages as well.

When it comes to grass cutting Adelaide, it isn’t’ as complicated as you think. Sometimes even the smallest things go along way. We hope these tips will help you achieve a healthier lawn.