The Scientifically Proven Benefits of Speech Therapy

An intervention method that aims at helping children with impaired speech or swallowing capabilities is speech therapy. These speech therapists are also popularly known as speech-language pathologists. They are experienced professionals who are highly educated and trained to provide such services to both children and adults. To effectively help patients overcome a wide range of difficulties, these professionals often work in a team.

Speech TherapyMental health and behavioural issues are what most children or adults with communication difficulties suffer from significantly. In fact, difficulties in communicating may also lead to a poor confidence level, which affects social interactions. Fortunately, a speech therapist can help overcome these issues as well. The list below proves how Speech Therapy – can help treat these difficulties.

  1. Improved Articulation

Articulation is vital for people affected by impaired speech. The uncommon production of speech sounds denoted by substitutions, omissions, additions or distortions that may obstruct intelligibility is articulation disorder.

Communication skills and confidence improves as people learn to articulate words correctly. Children who are unable to make the “r” sound are a very common example of this. Due to the lack of articulatory exercises, many kids grow up with this problem.

  1. Improved Swallowing

Difficulties in swallowing or known as dysphagia also come along with speech disorder. Stroke, brain injury, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological diseases can also lead to difficulty in swallowing.

Fortunately, your oral intake process will improve, and the risk of aspiration will reduce with the help of a speech therapist. They will tailor a blend of techniques and exercises that will assist you in overcoming swallowing issues. These techniques increase your control over your swallowing capability. Biting techniques and head positioning methods are some of it to name a few. Also, the range of motion, coordination will improve with other techniques these experts’ offers. Plus, it strengthens the jaw, cheek and tongue muscles too.

  1. Reduced Stuttering

Issues in fluently speaking can be the result of constant stuttering. Thankfully, a speech therapist can effectively help in reducing stuttering until it becomes non-existent. In fact, over 70 million people are affected by stuttering all around the world. Modifying the way a person speaks and giving exercises to strengthen the tongue is what an experienced speech therapist will do to reduce stuttering.

  1. Increased Confidence

A decrease in confidence level and anxiety are what most people who can’t speak well often suffer from significantly. They choose to be alone as they fear to be ridiculed by their peers. Luckily, Speech Therapy – can help reduce that anxiety. They will give confidence in your speech naturally. It is only natural that your self-esteem rises when you speak with flair and free from any faults. No doubt, you will achieve a better quality of life as it gives you more independence as well.