Solar Energy: Three Environmental Benefits

Whether you own a house or own a commercial business, MV Solar Newcastle energy is a clean, affordable, and sustainable way to generate electricity. Left and right, you are seeing many neighbourhoods opting for solar power – all for financial reasons, such as lower electricity bills and increased home value. There are significant environmental benefits as well and equally valuable.

If you are considering switching to solar for your home, take some time to read and consider the following green benefits.



  1. Reduction in air pollution

The harmful emissions of carbon dioxide and methane from fossil fuels, which are our traditional source of energy are the leading causes of global warming and the degradation of air quality. By producing electricity using solar panels, the production of any greenhouse gases is virtually eliminated. It is calculated that in the US alone, about 17 million metric tons of carbon dioxide per year has been offset by the solar panels that have gone up in the last few years. It is quite a leap for humankind in mitigating our impact of climate change.


  1. Reduction of Water Pollution

Most manufacturing processes require water; however, that is not so with solar photovoltaic cells which do not need water to generate electricity. It is one of the most valuable perks to the environment, albeit unknown to many. Traditional biomass and geothermal power plants, such as natural gas and coal-fired power plants, require vast amounts of water to meet their vital cooling needs. With solar energy, local water resources are not polluted, and their operation, for instance, at MV Solar Newcastle, (which again requires NO water) does not hamper local supplies due to competition with agriculture, water supply networks and other vital water needs.


  1. Reducing the Need for Non-renewable Resources

Solar NewcastleSolar energy is renewable. The ever-reliable sun provides the most abundant source of power in the world, producing incredible solar energy of 173,000 terawatts per second. That’s more than 10,000 times the total combined energy consumption of the world, and this energy can be used again and again. In contrast, fossil fuels are not renewable. Although they may seem abundant today, the time of depletion will come, and the world will run out. The cost of locating and extracting these resources has also increasingly become too expensive. The time will come when the damage to our financial infrastructure and environment could be irreparable.

Everyone jumping into the solar energy switch today is the best way to protect yourself against the reality of limited fuel resources and combat global warming.

Install MV Solar Newcastle solar panels in your home and business and spread what you have learned in this article.