Five Reasons to Book Unconventional Conference Venues

When it comes to organising events, a common mistake that most organisers commit is setting everything up according to what they think is the best for them. Keep in mind that while you may have the best ideas and concepts, it may not be particularly enticing for the audience. Keep in mind that events are all about experiences, which will play a massive role in influencing people and encouraging them to attend your next event. If you want to attract people, you should go for unconventional Conference Venues Adelaide  – Playford Hotel.


Most people already have a picture of what a typical event venue looks and feels like. That’s why you should surprise your audience and guests by going for something that’s off the track yet can still deliver a clear and resounding message to the people who will attend your event. With that said, here are five reasons why you should ditch conventional venues for unusual ones.


  1. Having a unique place for your event will make it stand out among other competing activities. It speaks a lot of truth for any industry or business sector


  1. Unconventional Conference Venues Adelaide – Playford Hotel for a particular industry or sector are more likely to create a ‘buzz’ on the media. The reason is that your venue is so unique, people are going to want to talk about it. It also provides an exciting story to write and share.


  1. Media buzz will, in turn, improve the attendance level of your event. It will ripple like a domino effect as more and more people hear about your unusual event venue. Who doesn’t want to be part of a unique experience, after all? If your event is the “talk of the town,” expect more and more people to come and experience it.


  1. All that buzz and attention will also generate engagement. As participants and mainstream media become part of your unique event, they’re going to talk about it. People are going to share their thoughts and experiences via social media or word of mouth. So just by going for an unconventional event venue, you’re getting some free exposure that you can’t get anywhere else.


  1. Finally, we come to social proof, testimonials, and even endorsements. You’ll no longer need to ask for a recommendation. People will do that for you. All you need is to support their claims online by retweeting their tweets, commenting on their Facebook posts, or liking their Instagram photos that talk about your event.



So as you can see, going for unconventional Conference Venues Adelaide  – Playford Hotel may not seem to be the best move, but in the end, it will give you a lot of exposure and attention. For the best unconventional venue ideas, talk to one of our customer service representatives now.