Are You Taking Good Care of Your Brivis Ducted Heating System? Here’s a List to Find Out!

Homeowners tend to overlook a lot of things around the house. One of them is their heating system. Some people might think that home heating is an ‘install it and leave it’ kind of system. However, that’s quite not true. In fact, your Brivis ducted heating unit needs regular maintenance to function efficiently. If you’re not aware of that, then this article is for you. We’ve listed down some of the things you should look into when performing ducted heating maintenance:


Sealing Air Leaks

Air leaks are one of the primary reasons why your heating system isn’t functioning well. If you want to maximize care of your heating system, one of the best places to start is to reduce the amount of work it has to do. Air leaks make your air conditioner work harder, which will not only increase your monthly electric bills but will also make your heating system far less efficient in the long run. Have a tour around your home during the day and make a note of any sunshine that’s coming through the gaps. These gaps can be fixed with filler or any other type of weather stripping.


Tame Your Temperature

Note that cranking up the temperature levels on your thermostat will not warm up your home faster. Doing so will increase your energy consumption while you aren’t achieving anything in return. A more effective strategy is to set an ideal family temperature and maintain that instead.


Check Your Filter Regularly

Another tip for maintaining your Brivis ducted heating system is to look through your filters for any accumulation of dusts. When the filter on your heating system gets blocked, it will work harder without you knowing it. So if you’re experiencing a spike in your monthly energy consumptions, this may be the reason why. Make it a habit of checking your filters and cleaning them to ensure that your heating system is working efficiently.



Arrange for Professional Maintenance

Sometimes your system needs the care of certified professionals if it’s damaged and needs to be repaired, or if the dirt inside it is too tough for you to remove on your own. Never overlook the potential of hiring professionals. They know what to do and can be of great help to you. Call our hotline today if you’re looking to hire professional HVAC experts to take care of your Brivis ducted heating system.